Desakajo's Flo is that place where you can get your life on track. We offer spiritual trauma-informed counseling and coaching, book publishing, record producing, credit empowerment, travel coordination, and professional legal coverage. Rev. Dr. A'Shellarien is the CEO. She is the face of the Be A Lady and A Legend Brand which includes her makeup and clothing line. Purchase her books, join her Empowered To Be Great Community where you will find courses and exclusive content. Book a confidential session with her.

Let us help you take your life back.

A'Shellarien is my name. Be A Lady and A Legend is my brand. We determine what a Lady is. We determine what a Legend is.

We have Cosmetics, We have clothing, We have Accessories

Trauma has impacted us on many levels. This book addresses what happens when trauma collides with our faith. Use this book to walk your healing path journey.

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Legal Advice, Consultation, Representation For Less Than $1 A Day............ I Would Rather Have a Lawyer And Not Need A Lawyer Than Need A Lawyer And Not Have A Lawyer

Credit Empowerment Will Change Your Life.....

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