Healing Communities NJDE

Building relationships of healing, redemption, and reconciliation in families and communities impacted by crime and mass incarceration

Healing Communities NJDE is created with love. We facilitate spiritually based reintegration support, resilience education, and relationship development. We partner with  Communities of Faith to provide support for inmates, returning citizens, their children and families, and the community at large.

We Facilitate Training For:  

Spiritually based resilience education, relationship development, and reintegration support 

Connecting returning citizens to resources that will help set attainable goals  

Providing spiritual support  
Fostering positive relationships  
Extending open and affirming fellowship  
Collaboration with family and friends to rebuild relationships  
Advocating for political change on a local, state, and federal level  


We Provide Service to:  

Inmates and returning citizens  
Families of inmates and returning citizens  

Children and families affected by mass incarceration 
Victims of crime  
Stations of Hope Partners  
Communities affected by crime